Family Law

Family Law matters include separation, divorce, spousal and child support, child access and custody issues and drafting and reviewing domestic agreements. Levine Sherkin Boussidan represents parties of family related disputes with the sensitivity required of the often highly emotional and contentious issues involved, whether before the courts, arbitrators or mediators.


Collectively, our barristers practice across all areas of civil and commercial litigation.

Trifield Construction Management Inc. v. 111 Bathurst Inc., et al.

Construction Litigation

Summary judgment motion to dismiss action against individual defendant as he was not a party to the contract for services and materials supplied and had no ownership interest in the property.

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Howard v. Benson Group et al. (Court of Appeal)

Employment Law

Court held that in the absence of an enforceable contractual provision stipulating a fixed term of notice, or any other provision to the contrary, a fixed term employment contract obligates an employer to pay an employee to the end of the term, and that obligation will not be subject to mitigation.

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Trio Roofing Systems Inc. v. Atlas Corp.

Construction Litigation

Roofing subcontractor entitled to view fundamental breach by the general contractor in honoring the terms of one contract as amounting to an anticipatory breach of a second, separate and discrete contract between the same parties.

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1162740 Ontario Limited et al. v. Pingue et al.

Procedural Law

Court of Appeal for Ontario addressed the optimal way to catalogue expert evidence at trial.  The Court discusses best  practices regarding the marking of exhibits at trial so as to avoid confusion about the state of trial evidence on appeal.  The Court stated that “the goal of a trial judge in supervising the assembly of a trial record is completeness and accuracy” so that the panel sitting on appeal can easily discern what was before the trial judge at any time during the course of trial.

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